think globally,
act locally


During the year 2002 were published two editions of the magazine ‘Vizioni’. Other activities continued with the organization of a concert for Saint Valentine Day in order to raise funds for the publication of the magazine ‘Vizioni’. In July 2002 Syri i Vizionit approached OSCE office in Peja to seek support for the publication of a newly established advocacy magazine Herald (Kasneci) which latter supported and was published in 8500 copies in Albanian language and 850 in Serbian. This initiative is planed to cover Peja region (Peja, Deçan, Klina, and Istog).

In addition, the youth center in Peja which was founded by Syri i Vizionit in cooperation with OSCE continued work through registration of new members. Latter on, youth groups organized a joint camp with all communities participating in Brezovica and 75 youngsters participated.

In November it was organized one week training on Conflict Management in Ireland with the support of OSCE and INGO Concern with the members from all communities living in Peja.

During the same period (November) Syri i Vizionit was engaged in collecting information on women’s NGOs and publishing it in one booklet. The number of women’s NGOs up to that time was 45 in the Peja region which covers Peja, Istog, Deçan, and Klina.