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In 2008 the organization continued commitment to expand in activities and other important donors. This year was signed a cooperation agreement in implementation of projects with two new donors for the organization: SLA and the Olof Palme Center. With the first organization was established a good partnership and cooperation which afterwards continued with several projects. Office of "Syri i Vizionit" took over the coverage of this organization in Kosovo. During 2008 with SLA was implemented the project called "rural perspective", to support farmers and their organizations.

In partnership with Olaf Palme Center were developed three key documents for the community: on the basis of the Kosovo Government Strategy was developed three-year action strategy for the Roma and Egyptian community in the municipality of Peja and Istok and the action strategy for the Serbian community in Peja.

Meanwhile during the year continued and were concluded projects within KIP, which marked the end of its mission. Final projects were implemented in the neighborhood September 7 and other localities in the municipality of Peja and Istok.

During this year in partnership with organizations and to help their projects, EOV has developed several activities in Peja region, mainly debates with citizens about various topics. With FIQ are held several debates during the year: in each Peja, Istok and Klina a debate on transparency and accountability in the courts, a debate with citizens on safety and another on the role of the EULEX mission in Kosovo. With NGO KCIC a debate on the danger out of small arms held by the citizens without permission. Another debate in association with KDI was held with MPs from Peja attended by five MPs in order to enhance communication between MPs and citizens in the region. With ATRC was discussed the draft of constitution of Kosovo.

In support of the project called "Cooperative" which was developed in Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro, implemented by AED, "Eye of Vision" has helped the involvement of young people from the region of Peja through an audition for selecting candidates for a reality show with young people from Kosovo and Serbia, which was broadcasted on televisions of two countries.

A part of staff this year was engaged in projects started in 2007: SDEKPI, Llazoviqi and municipal regulation for transparency. Besides this, organization's activists were involved in other voluntary projects and works this year.