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Debate with returned youth from western countries



Prizren 20 November – Under the “I want to be part of Kosovo” motto was held the debate with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian youth of Gjakova and Prizren municipalities returned from western countries.

The aim of this debate was to support integration of youth that have been returned from European countries to Kosovo. Participants in the debate said that since their return, most youth of the community feel isolated due to grave economic conditions, inability to communicate in Albanian or Roma languages with their peers in Kosovo, taking into account that most of them were born and raised in western countries.

“I want to be part of Kosovo” project is implemented by the community organization “Initiative for Action” from Gjakova with the support of nongovernmental organization “Syri i Vizionit” from Peja, under the community empowerment project supported financially by the Olof Palme Center from Sweden.