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Rural area women ready to be part of decision-making


27 September, Klinë – The nongovernmental organization Syri i Vizionit has started to support the initiative of Dugujevë village women, Klinë municipality, which aims to empower them and their active role in society by being part of the decision-making institutions that tackle on women issues.

Initially, a series of trainings were held with the women group of this village, aiming to raise their awareness on reproductive health, as most of them lack information regarding this matter. Following the trainings, this focus group will have meetings with institutional officials, including the officials of the Office of Gender Equality and the Office of Information in the municipality of Klinë, which are led by women, to closely get informed about the work of this institution and women’s role within it.

At the same time, a visit for women group of Dugujevë village and surrounding villages will be organized to the municipality of Klinë, where they will closely get to know with the work of Municipal Assembly and the work that this institution did for women empowerment in this municipality, in particular for rural area women.

This project aims to raise women awareness in rural areas and their active participation in institutional life, with special emphasis on women inclusion in public institutional life. This project derived from the women of Dugujevë village. It is being supported by NGO Syri i Vizionit, under the auspices of “Active Citizenship” program funded by the Olof Palme International Center and SIDA.