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Training on gender budgeting in the Municipality of Peja


Press Release

With the support of the EU and the implementation of the project by the UNDR and the NGO Syri i Vizionit in Peja, Wednesday March 19 has been organized a workshop on gender budgeting with the local government representatives in the municipality of Peja. The workshop was intended at new municipal directors came from last year’s elections in Kosovo, to announce them budget needs based on gender basis.The invitation and consultations with the municipal directors have started more than a month in order to find a date that can fit the needs of municipal officials and the chairman and directors have confirmed participation. But despite this, only one director has attended, the director of emergency and rescue and officials of various fields have been delegated.
We are disappointed with their default and we consider that such an approach does not guarantee that in this government would have better treatment of gender issues, but nor good partnership with civil society and donors, with our municipality needs.
We remind that the project is organized with the partnership with two agencies of United Nations UNDP and UNwomen and is founded by the European Commission. Gender budgeting today has become an important component of the budget planning for all budget organizations.
A mayor part of the projects including projects financed by European Union, give a significant role gender planning and budgeting and have become mandatory for projects in which the municipality thinks to apply.