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The monitoring report on International convention on the rights of children is published


Press release

Peja, April 2, 2014- Nongovernmental organization Syri i Vizionit, in partnership with Save the Children, have published the report of monitoring of the international convention for the rights of children by children themselves entitled "Perceptions of students, parents and officials for the right of education, harassment and discrimination on schools".
The report includes three international convention’s areas on children’s rights: "The right on education", "Harassment" and "Non-discrimination", where in each of these areas has been seen that there has had violation of the rights of children, has not been done much by local institutions. Likewise the report highlights that many children and parents are unaware that these three areas are regulated by the Constitution of Kosovo and a special legislation in each municipality.
The report also highlights that there is no proper coordination of institutions to improve the situation of children’s rights, especially in the area of the right of education, prevention on harassment and non-discrimination.
The participants in this meeting have pledged that they should do much more to increase the safety of children and improve their social status not only in school but also at the city level. By creating policy and investments according to the needs that arise from the children themselves or from the meetings held by children themselves.
The report "Perceptions of students, parents and officials for the right of education, harassment and discrimination in schools" has emerged from the one year work under the program "Child Rights Governance" – CRC Monitoring" implemented by Eye of Vision and sponsored by Save the Children in the municipalities of Peja, Gjakova and Prishtina.
Present on the meeting where the publication of the report was made were the Department of Education, the Kosovo Police, the Basic Court – juvenile unit, the Ombudsperson’s office in Peja, the Center for Social Work, municipal coordinator for children’s rights, family medical center, director of some schools, civil society, parents, students, probation, lecturers, psychologist and other institutions that are responsible for protecting the rights of children and the media.