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Teacher’s training for career guidance was held


On June 05 and April 06, 2014 was held a training for teachers in the subject "Career Counseling" for teachers of low secondary schools in the municipality of Peja. The training was held on the Didactic centre and was jointly organized by the Municipal Department of Education and the ‘’Eye of Vision’’ within the project "Mismatch" funded by Solidar Suisse. In the training participated 20 people who on two days led by trainers accredited by GIZ have worked. On behalf of the municipal education participants Negihane Broqi – Tabaku wished them successes.
In the first two days of training were addressed topics related to career orientation, the process’s structure of choosing a career in 5 stage model: self recognition, personality profile, classification of occupations and sectors, etc.
Teachers from 20 schools of Peja have participated, who received the electronic material in two parts: teachers’ manual "Education on career decision- five steps towards education and profession" and "Portfolio Career Guidance" for students.
The next training will be held during May.