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The workshop on subsidies and grants at the local level was held


Peja, April 17- Vision of Eye organization in collaboration with Initiative for the Development of Agriculture in Kosovo is in the process of implementing a project funded by European Union ‘’ strengthening the capacity of civil society in policy- making and consultation with the Government in the agricultural sector’’, which aims to contribute to strengthening and capacity building of the Union of Agricultural Associations of Kosovo.
Within the component ‘’ promotion of dialogue and cooperation between institutions and farmer’s organizations at the national level’’, Eye of Vision has organized a workshop with the farmers of the municipality of Peja, and the director of agriculture and economic development in the municipality of Peja, to discuss about subsidies and grants which are given by the municipality of Peja for agricultural development.
Initially was hired a local expert for expertise on the issue of grants and subsidies at the local level, which collected data from the municipality of Peja for procedures and funds which were allocated to farmers over the years, these data were presented in this workshop, and then participants were divided into groups by articulating sectors who should benefit from the local level. As the recommendations from this workshop was overlooked that the local level should support small and medium farmers, to develop clear criteria for all sectors that rely on the local level, to support agricultural products that have not been cultivated before, which are profitable for farmers, and to form committees for evaluation of farmers’ applications and to monitor beneficiary farmers.