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Conference "Policy for agriculture and rural development in Kosovo" was held


Prishtina, 30 April 2014 –Nongovernmental organization  Eye of  Vision  in collaboration with the Initiative for the Development of Agriculture in Kosovo  IADK, within the project "Strengthening the capacity of civil society in policy-making and consultation with the Government in the agricultural sector", funded by the European Union . They held a conference "Development of policies for agriculture and rural development in Kosovo" at central level, where the aim has been to foster and promote dialogue and cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (MAFRD), Union of Agricultural Associations of Kosovo (UAAK) and other stakeholders.
Also at the conference was presented the plan for Agriculture and Rural Development (ARDP)  of Kosovo  2014- 2020 of the government of Kosovo , where participants were informed with this  development plan for agriculture.
Dukagjin Nishiqi, project manager of Eye of Vision, has shown that within this project were conducted 5 workshops in five regions of Kosovo, where with the engagement of an expert, were identified problems, the specifics of the different regions of Kosovo and was performed the conference on nation level for presentation of findings and addressing recommendations for institutions and other stakeholders. Also during this period was  created  the web page  of BSHBK , which is, which is active, and on it you can find information about the work of BSHBK and important information for farmers. In order to increase the capacity of trustee of BSHBK a  study visit was conducted in the state of Bulgaria, and were  visited companies, farmer’s organizations and governmental institutions, in order to take the experience of a Balkan state which is part of the European Union . With the participation of farmers’ organizations, individual farmers and the department of agriculture and economic development in Peja ,was conducted  a workshop in municipality of Peja as a pilot municipality , where the aim of this workshop was to improve practices / procedures of application scheme of grants and subsidies at the local level, as well as drafting of model-document with practices / procedures and the scheme  for the application of subsidies and grants at the local level.
While Zejnel Bunjaku the executive director of IADK thanked the EU office in Kosovo for the support  that  it is giving  to the agricultural sector and also the Ministry of Agriculture for the support of  this sector by increasing the budget and investments in this sector, and the development of agriculture  plan 2014-2020.