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ROR monitoring group children met with Pejë Municipality Mayor


23 July – Children of the ROR monitoring group together with the NGO Syri i Vizionit and Save the Children meet Pejë Municipality Mayor, Gazmend Muhaxheri, and handed him over the report “Our Reality” requesting from him to implement recommendations that came out of this report for the Municipality of Pejë.

ROR group children requested from the Mayor to enable children’s participation in decision-making and make them part of the policies affecting children’s interest, not only limited to education field, but to all the fields.

Children requested from the Mayor to enable free transport for children travelling from rural areas, as, according to them, this is making them drop school. They also requested qualitative education and appropriate conditions for children, same as support for increase of children’s participation in decision-making within the schools and out of them.

Representatives of Syri i Vizionit and Save the Children, which supported empowerment and development of the monitoring group, also offered their support to municipal institutions for improvement of children’s position and governance with their rights.

The Mayor, Mr. Muhaxheri, on the other hand, congratulated children for the work done and their readiness to monitor implementation of the International Convention on their rights, as well as for the will they have to request their involvement in decision-making from the institutions.

The Mayor informed children that the Municipality of Pejë has started working on provision of free transport for children that travel over three kilometres, as well as on installing central heating system in all the schools, so children can have better conditions with the beginning of the new school year.

The Mayor promised his support and the support of municipal institutions for improvement of children’s position, however, at the same time, he requested from ROR children group as well as SIV and SCI organizations to monitor and report any injustice that is being made to children within the schools and out of them. He said that they will enjoy the continuous support from him and the Municipality of Pejë.

Meeting with the Pejë Mayor, Gazmend Muhaxheri, is part of the series of meetings that ROR children group, supported by SIV and SCI, is organizing to present recommendations of the ICRC monitoring report “Our Reality”.