think globally,
act locally

Institutions and Civil Society in Kosovo, Serbia, Albania and Macedonia share practices and models for involving citizens in decision-making!


Representatives from Albania, Serbia and Macedonia also held a meeting with the mayor of Pejë where they were able to share experiences and good practices of governance with civic participation from all three states. The groups also met with Pejë Municipal Assembly President, where civic involvement and participatory budgeting were also discussed. In the meantime, the group together with the Assembly President and the Mayor and SiV representatives took part in the election process in one of the local communities where the elections were to take place. The group had the opportunity to directly see the election process, work of the commission that was established through the Municipal Assembly, composed of six (6) members - one of which was from the Executive (Administration Director) and four others from the legislative, of the municipal assembly, and a member of the civil society (Syri i Vizionit). The visiting group had the opportunity to see the voting process as a whole, counting up to the announcement of the chairman and council members. This activity was carried out in the framework of program "Strengthening the role of civil society to initiate citizen involvement in decision-making processes", supported by Olof Palme International Center and supported by SIDA.