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Sooner adoption of the Law on Child Protection demanded


Organized by Syri i Vizionit in partnership with Save the Children - Kosovo Office, in cooperation with the Assembly Committee on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions, citizens, children, members of civil society and MPs marched from the Kosovo Assembly building to the “Zahir Pajaziti Square” requesting sooner adoption of the Law on the Protection of Children’s Rights.

On this occasion, MP Duda Balje, also Chairwoman of the Committee on Human Rights said they did a good job with the Law on Protection of Children's Rights, adding that within a few days this draft law will be put to second voting.

“We did our job. We have made a very good law. We have divided the law into some very important parts for the children of Kosovo. We are just waiting for the second vote in the Assembly. I am sure that within a few days we will do this job. We have yet another obligation, to present the law to you, in order for you to know what your rights are. Today, we are here to talk about the sandal. We know that we can talk a lot about the sandal, I am pretty sure we are using the sandal only for good deeds,” Balje stressed.

MP Mexhide Mjaku-Topalli said that this campaign is a bell that is tolling for everyone, to say no to violence and abuse.

Mjaku-Topalli said that children are the present and the future of the country. Therefore, she added, each of them should have the right to grow in a safe and peaceful environment such as in school, family or community.

“Our concern as institutions is that our children are facing difficult situations, risks, violence, threats and murder. The last case in Gjilan that shocked the whole public is an alarm for all of us and we should call our conscience that emergency precautionary measures for child safety should urgently be taken. Together we can and must create safe environments, secure the streets, by covering settlements with cameras, putting up lighting in order to provide the children with more protection in the streets and in the places they commute,” she said.

Director of Save the Children, Ahmet Kryeziu, said that as an organization they are proud of having had the opportunity to work in raising awareness of society in terms of domestic violence in all areas where children operate.

“From here, I urge all representatives of the people, all representatives of civil society, parents, and others, to engage together, that with starting with the adoption of the Law on Children's Rights, to start thinking differently,” he said.

Naser Lajqi from Syri i Vizionit said that adults have the responsibility and obligation to offer love and all that children deserve.

He wished that the Law is adopted in July this year at the latest.

Speaking on behalf of the children Fleta Mujaj said that the sandal or any other form of punishment only adds the consequences that will accompany children throughout their lives.