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Parents’ awareness on the necessity of enrolling children to school increased


Istog, July 1 - In the framework of the SIMRAES II project, Syri i Vizionit held meetings with parents of two locations of teaching centres in Serbobran and Gurrakoc regarding implementation of the “Children’s enrolment to school” campaign.

The meetings aimed at raising the awareness of Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali communities on the importance of enrolling their children to school and attending regular education.

In addition to provision of important information on the necessity of school attendance, deadline and necessary documents, the parents involved in the meeting were provided with technical assistance from project staff in the process of enrolling children to school and securing documents for that purpose.

The importance and support of the teaching centres with the “Homework Assistance” program were also discussed with these parents, where they were also informed of the final success and achievements of the children.

Conversations that relate to their social and economic difficulties cannot be avoided in such meetings, which also impacts on their commitment for attendance of children in school more difficult.

These meetings with parents were organized in the framework of the project supported by the European Union “EU Support to the Implementation of the Strategy for Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities 2 - Education for Integration (called EU SIMRAES II)" which is implemented by KFOS in partnership with seven partner organizations, among which are also Syri i Vizionit and KEC in the municipality of Istog.