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About 400 families from the Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali communities helped with emergency packages for families and children


Peja, April 28: Today, Syri i Vizionit organization in cooperation with the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS), helped about 400 families with 1,100 emergency packages for children aged 0-3 years and families in need of Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali communities in “7 Shtatori” neighbourhood and Vitomirica village of the municipality of Peja, thus mitigating their economic and social situation in overcoming the situation with pandemics and maintaining health. Syri i Vizionit has also distributed 90 emergency packages to isolated families affected by the COVID-19 virus.

The distribution of emergency packages has been done door to door by the staff of our organization. This was done in constant coordination with the Municipal Emergency Team and the Kosovo Police, who were also present on the ground. Special attention has continuously been paid to strict application of all the rules, such as non-gathering of people, keeping social distance and use of appropriate equipment - gloves, masks and disinfectants, thus protecting both our staff and beneficiaries of these packages.

Syri i Vizionit is in constant contact with citizens and stakeholders, not only in the municipality of Peja but in all municipalities of Kosovo, to lend the helping hand during this difficult phase for the country. The organization is also disseminating reliable and awareness raising information for children and parents to facilitate the stay at home through campaigns in various online programs so that this situation is as easy as possible for all.

This initiative was implemented in support of the PROSPECT 3 program, in partnership with the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) and valuable support from the Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Economic Development (BMZ) and Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Family (KKS).

Our organization calls on all citizens to stay at home and strictly follow the rules and suggestions set by the responsible institutions. By respecting these rules we protect ourselves, our children, our families and society as a whole and overcome this pandemic faster. In this regard, we are constantly carrying out online campaigns through social networks for various target groups.