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Shkodran facing challenges, strength and self-confidence enabled him to obtain education and employment


This video shows a journey and challenging experience of Shkodran Ademaj, who is among the 324 young people who benefited from various capacity building programs that were developed in the framework of the project “Equipping, Empowering and Employing Youth, Women and Other Disadvantaged groups in five municipalities of Kosovo", that is being implemented by Syri i Vizionit, The Balkan Forum in partnership with the Municipality of Istog, and financially supported by European Union funds.

Shkodran benefited by enrolling for the three months internship program in municipality of Istog. He is one of the 24 people with disabilities who got trained and qualified and employed within the project. As a result, Shkodran feels very empowered and happy with the experience of working in the municipality. He hopes that people with disabilities will continue to be supported, not discriminated against and treated equally in the labor market.

For more, please watch Shkodran’s video story