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2016 Projects

During 2016 Syri i Vizionit continued implementing activities in the framework of its projects and partnerships which have brought changes to the lives of thousands of citizens all over Kosovo. A part of these activities were a continuation of projects and partnerships developed over the work of previous years, but they also included new important projects.

Two important projects, which aim at development of opportunities of the municipality for presentation and development of tourism and innovation in general, were implemented in the municipality of Istog with the support of European Commission. Support for agro-tourism in Istog has continued with the important project of launching the touristic path at ‘The Source’ of Istog and the new project that started in partnership with STIKK for entrepreneurship development. At the same time, in the fifth and last year with Solidar Suisse it was worked in the milk processing and production sector.

Increased engagement in the development sector, promotion of tourism and adequate education to adapt to labor market has extended further during this year, by continuing with the two existing projects “Mismatch” and “SEED” which aim at supporting schools in development of better staff for work. Activities from the Municipality of Pejë have extended throughout the western region of Kosovo, including schools of Gjakovë and Prizren and through grants that were distributed to 11 organizations and beneficiary entities in these municipalities. 

Two important projects went on in Kosovo schools as a continuance of cooperation with SiV’s very significant partner in protection and promotion of child rights “Save the Children” with which we were an active partner in drafting the Law on Children in Kosovo, drafting of municipal regulations on Codes of Conduct, and the complaint boxes in municipalities.

Two new projects that are being implemented in the region of Pejë were developed in partnership with KFOS and they aim at integration of Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali communities, with a special role of involvement of their children in schools.

In the sector of civic activism, society strengthening and democratization through the “Active Citizenship” project with the Olaf Palme Center we continued to encourage active citizenship in Kosovo. In the Project for Support of Women, which started this year we support women empowerment in politics, business and civil society with the USAID/ATRC support, whereas in continuation of the third year of SELDI project it was continued with anti-corruption engagement as part of the Balkans network. Exchange of information and networking was done through coordination of CiviKos network at the local level.

2016 was a year in which the organization continued with its growth and professionalization. A number of 53 staff members, 19 of which are permanent office staff, were actively engaged in various projects over the course of this year. Aside from the staff, there was also a constant engagement of members and volunteers who made the activity of organization visible. This year has resulted with a very significant presence in the media, where SiV has offered its expertise at the country level thus serving as a reference point for Kosovo on several topics, same as by sharing its experiences with the public. To the service of better visibility of the organization, there were the products that positively impacted on SiV’s image among the public, but also on increase of assets and adaptation of work spaces.

Staff capacity building on financial management was done with the support of partners and Tax Administration of Kosovo and with drafting of financial procedures. Dozens of various trainings were held, conferences and study visits, such as in the field of child rights, which led to increase of trainers in the organization.  

All this has made the organizations become a clear voice of active citizenship in Kosovo and the region by gathering around it communities that want to get engaged for improvement of living conditions and making them part of a process that aims to bring change and development. Syri i Vizionit offices have been an address where citizens and communities have found support, while they were instructed and supported on their requests and ideas thus turning all of them into a part of joint engagement that gathers all those who have goals for positive change in the neighborhoods and villages they live in.