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act locally


Organizational structure is composed of:

•    Assembly of members
•    Governing Board
•    Management

Assembly of Members meets annually and elects three-year term Board and executive director, who then develop programs and have full responsibility for projects, staff, the benefits of the organization.

Governing Board: In management, the organization is managed and overseen by the Governing Board consisting of seven members, elected by the Assembly of Members. The Board holds its regular meetings where they analyze the work and priorities of the organization.
Contact of board: Luan Ibraj, [email protected], 044 139 567

Management consists of the Executive Director and Deputy Director, Coordinator of the Office and Chief of Programs, Administration and Finance, the leaders of the seven programs, project managers and project staff.


Executive Director: Veton Mujaj,
[email protected],             044 111 408     
Deputy Director and Chief of Administration: Qenan Bardhaj,
[email protected],             044 142 895      
Coordinator of the organization: Vlora Latifi,
[email protected],             044 143 098      
Chief of Programs: Enver Ulaj,
[email protected],             044 169 349     
Responsible for Finances: Zana Latifi,
[email protected],             049 680 314      
Responsible for Logistics: Dukagjin Nishiqi,
[email protected],             044 458 028