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2014 Projects

During 2014 Syri i Vizionit played an active role at the local and national level and it was an active stakeholder in the civil society initiatives at the regional states’ level. Projects in which the organization got involved were continuity of earlier years and further deepening on citizens and communities’ issues. The organization has served the citizens in filing their requests and addressing them to respective institutions, namely by building communication and cooperation bridges between the citizens and the institutions.

About 15 bigger projects were in the implementation process in which 20 staff members assisted by other Syri i Vizionit members and volunteers, as an important part of Organization’s functioning, were involved.
Donor organizations and partners have continued support our work, while collaboration increased during the year and projects were drafted, which opened new opportunities for the organization and citizens who benefit directly from these projects. Two projects that started in 2013 with the European Commission funding have also continued during 2014, concretely involvement in the Anti-corruption Network of Southeast Europe countries for good governance as well as the project at Kosovo level with the IADK on strengthening of civil society in policymaking and consultation with Government on agriculture sector.

Two other projects on monitoring of child rights with the financial support from “Save the Children” were implemented in continuity of this year, focusing on empowerment of very children in monitoring and reporting their rights, but with the constant support from the organization. In the long partnership with the Olof Palme International Center the Active Citizenship project played an important role in supporting marginalized communities in several municipalities of Kosovo.
Continuous cooperation with Solidar Suisse was continued during this year with two projects that have the financial support of Solidar – the project on social dialogue in milk sector, respectively support for farmer organizations, same as “Mismatch” project, which supported adaptation of Pejë schools with the labor market, increase of school cooperation with businesses and improvement of vocational practice. With Solidar Suisse, during this year, we started another partnership with Volkshilfe from Austria in a three-year project with the support of ADA to support vocational education in hosting and tourism sector, which is implemented in Pejë, Gjakovë and Prizren.
Two other important projects started during 2014 and they are related to justice sector and law functioning in Kosovo. Project for fulfillment of EU requests for good governance and further European integration of Kosovo was implemented in cooperation with KIPRED and it was funded by the European Commission. It aimed to monitor six fields of rule of law in Kosovo.
Project “Defend your property” was focused on awareness campaigns for rule of law, particularly in property and heritage issues and it was funded by the USAID/ATRC.

With the support of UNDP during this year we implemented a mini project for improvement of women position in processes of peacemaking and preservation of peace, while with funding by “Ernst Basler + Partner” the project “Feasibility study for treatment of sewage in Pejë” was implemented.

Two additional projects were implemented in the environment sector: Continuation of awareness activities of “Drini Day” that started a year earlier and support as part of the campaign for cleaning of Pejë town.
2014 was an electoral year in Kosovo and Syri i Vizionit, as part of NGO coalition “Democracy in Action”, monitored election campaign in six municipalities of Pejë and Gjakovë regions.

In the internal functioning of the organization, during the year Syri i Vizionit consolidated further with development of a very efficient structure which also meets the needs of its membership. The new model for reorganization of membership and volunteers was prepared and they have a very active role as part of our organization. The Assembly of Members’ meeting was held once again and the new three-year strategy was drafted.